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Have you been noticing that a lot of ceremonies look and sound the same? Do you want yours to be different and memorable, more about your love for each other and your hopes and dreams for your future? Then you have come to the right place. The heart of your special day will be your ceremony so why not plan to make it uniquely and beautifully yours.


Rev. Barbara Lodge is a Nondenominational minister and interfaith wedding officiant who has helped hundreds of couples design their weddings, vow renewals and commitment ceremonies. With over twenty years as a minister, she has many years of experience and can help you bring your ideas to life, creating a beautiful, elegant, fun and loving ceremony that fits you perfectly.


Your ceremony will have far more impact on your guests and mean so much more to you if it celebrates your love in a way that suits your personality and your style. Why have an ordinary ceremony when you can so easily have one that is memorable and extraordinary?


Would you like to honor your parents and grandparents, include your children and families, maybe even have your pets play a part? Do you have a special theme you would like to use or a family heirloom that means a lot to you? Perhaps you want to celebrate your religious and cultural traditions. There are many ways to include anything you can think of and every one of them will add a distinctive touch to your celebration. Even if all you have in mind is a simple ceremony, she can still show you how to make it completely yours with a few little extra touches.


Reverend Lodge provides an extensive resource library to help you personalize your vows and enhance your ceremony with readings, special music and other symbolic elements that will highlight what is most important to you. Be sure to check out her wedding blog for the fun, imaginative, romantic and heartwarming ideas other couples have used to make their special day so special.


Creative Weddings in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC


Contact Rev. Lodge for a free consultation to discuss how she can help you create the memorable ceremony you have in mind. Experience for yourself how wonderful your wedding, vow renewal or commitment ceremony can be when it reflects your love, your personality and your own unique style.


Ordained 1996 in the Nondenominational Church




Weddings for All - Marriage Equality

There are no limits on creativity when it comes to weddings. Every couple is different and the differences are what make your special day unique. There is no right or wrong, so let your personal desires take the lead. What is of the utmost importance is that the heartfelt emotions you bring to your ceremony be well reflected to yourselves and your guests. Everything else will grow naturally from there.


Do not hesitate to use anything about yourselves or your beliefs that is special, unique or personally important. Your guests have come to see you celebrate your love and commitment and your wedding is the perfect time to show them who you are and how you feel about each other and your dreams for your future together.


vow renewals

Vow Renewals

How touching it is when a couple decides to reaffirm the bond that has held them together for years. Vow renewals are as unique as the couple involved. The new ceremony can be a duplicate of the original or something entirely new and different that incorporates the family that has grown up around you and the love and wisdom you have gained through the years. You might even be able to create the dream wedding that circumstances did not allow the first time around. Either way, your desire to honor the past as you look forward to the future is the foundation for a very moving ceremony. You are stating to yourselves and to the world that you love each other so much you want to do it all again.


Commitment Ceremonies - for Those Who Prefer a Private Commitment

Commitment ceremonies have never been just for same-gender couples. Although marriage equality has come to North Carolina, there will still be some mixed-gender and same-gender couples who will choose to forego the traditional route of a state sanctioned marriage, deciding instead to commit their lives to each other privately, speaking to the deep commitment they feel within their hearts.


Love and commitment are true gifts of the Spirit and are not to be wasted or overlooked. They deserve to be honored and respected for the joys they bring to the lives of those who share them. The deep commitment that this kind of ceremony addresses celebrates the hearts and minds that request it. Sincerity is the key here for the bond that holds without a legal document is indeed a natural bond.




Reverend Barbara Lodge
was ordained in 1996 and is one of the most requested and recommended wedding ministers in the area. She is highly regarded by other wedding professionals and is a preferred minister and interfaith officiant at wedding venues in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, NC and surrounding Triangle locations.


Laurie and Robin

Weddingwire Couples Choice Awards 2018 - Rev Barbara Lodge

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Rev Lodge-The Knot Best of Weddings Hall of Fame

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Reverend Barbara Lodge Receives the Prestigious Couples’ Choice Award Again

“We are pleased to announce that North Carolina Wedding Minister has won the Couples’ Choice Award 2015. This prestigious award is determined by reviews from past clients and recognizes the top five percent of wedding professionals from the WeddingWire Network. This means that Reverend Barbara Lodge is in the top five percent of wedding professionals in North Carolina and the entire nation.”

An example of a review on, from Cynthia and John;

“Reverend Barbara Lodge brought our entire wedding together and made it the meaningful family event it was intended to be. My husband and I struggled putting our feelings into words and a format for the ceremony that captured the blending of not only our love but the unity of our four children. Meeting Barbara put all our worries to ease. She gave us not only printed information but also a DVD for us to look through and think about, in terms of ideas for creating a meaningful ceremony. Barbara respected our wishes and ideas and suggested many wonderful ideas of her own. She took the time to look at pictures of our children and hear our stories of how our blended family came to be. With this knowledge she selected prayers and words to seal the union of our family.

I must also comment on Barbara's organization. I found when doing this wedding ourselves, things fell through the cracks. Barbara let nothing slip. She gently reminded us of things she needed from us and worked around us when I totally missed a deadline for submitting my vows! Barbara was also on top of guiding us through the marriage license process and took charge of getting us copies of the license and making it clear as to what we needed to do. In other words, we had complete peace of mind with this wonderful Reverend, who now feels like a friend.

If you are after a meaningful wedding ceremony that depicts the union of a marriage based on your unique circumstances and embraces your religion, beliefs and love for each other, I can not imagine anyone other than the Reverend Barbara Lodge to lead and guide you through your special ceremony.”

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Best of Weddings

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Reverend Barbara Lodge is Chosen Again to The Knot Best of Weddings

“We asked recent brides to rate and review their wedding professionals and Reverend Barbara Lodge was again chosen in the top 4 percent of all wedding professionals in North Carolina and on The Knot.

“The Knot Best of Weddings Hall of Fame is comprised of wedding professionals who have won The Knot Best of Weddings four or more times... they are the best-of-the-best!


An example of a review on The, from Stephanie and Chuck;

There really are no words to describe how truly wonderful Rev. Lodge was as our wedding officiant. I have never met someone with so much grace, poise, enthusiasm, kindness, understanding, openness and patience. I found her on after reading so many good reviews. I guarantee that you will never find someone as special as she is and she will go out of her way to make your wedding ceremony magical. We included our 5 year old daughter in our ceremony and Rev. Lodge had a way to even make her feel special and relaxed during the ceremony in front of over 100 family members and friends. We paid for our entire wedding ourselves, so we had to really watch the areas that we spent money on. This is the one area that was worth every bit of money that we spent!! We were blessed to have her there as we began our new lives together as an official family.

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