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Celebrate Your Love by Making Your Ceremony Your Own

Have you been noticing that a lot of ceremonies look and sound the same? Do you want yours to be different and memorable, more about your love for each other and your hopes and dreams for your future? Then you have come to the right place. The heart of your special day will be your ceremony, so why not plan to make it uniquely and beautifully yours.

Hi, I am Barbara Lodge, a Nondenominational minister and interfaith wedding officiant, who has helped hundreds of couples design their weddings and vow renewals. With over 20 years as a minister, I have many years of experience and can help you bring your ideas to life, creating a beautiful, elegant and loving ceremony that fits you perfectly.

Your ceremony will have far more impact on your guests and mean so much more to you if it celebrates your love in a way that suits your personality and your style. Why have an ordinary ceremony when you can so easily have one that is memorable and extraordinary?

Barbara and Douglass

They held their wedding on her family farm and surprised their guests with some amazing giant puppets from
Paperhand Puppet Intervention.

photo credit: Cuppa Photography

You can read all about
their magical wedding that even a heavy rain storm couldn’t stop.

Include the Things That Make Your Ceremony About You 

Do you want to honor your parents and grandparents, include your children and families, maybe even have your pets play a part? Do you have a special theme you want to use or a family heirloom that means a lot to you? Perhaps you want to celebrate your religious and cultural traditions. Anything personal to you will add a distinctive touch. Even if what you have in mind is a simple ceremony, I can show you how to make it completely yours, with a few little extra touches.

I provide an extensive resource library to help you personalize your vows and enhance your ceremony with readings and other additions that will highlight what is most important to you. I also write a wedding blog about the creative ideas others have used to make their special day so special. Be sure to check it out for all the fun, romantic and heartwarming ideas you will find there.


There are no limits on creativity when it comes to weddings. Every couple is different and the differences are what make your special day unique. What is most important is that the heartfelt emotions you bring to your ceremony be well reflected to yourselves and your guests. Everything else will grow naturally from there.

Do not hesitate to use anything about yourselves or your beliefs that is special or personally important. Your guests have come to see you celebrate your love and your wedding is the perfect time to show them who you are, how you feel about each other, and your dreams for your future together.


Debi and Rick

Such a romantic love story...

Boy meets girl. Boy loses girl. Boy finds his ladylove again... 45 years later!
When they married, they symbolized their blended family with a sand ceremony that included all their grown children.


venue: MacGregor Downs Country Club

A Note from Debi After Reading Her Ceremony

This is the most amazing masterpiece of words come to life on paper. Our Ceremony is going to be felt in the hearts of all of us and I just want you to know what a beautiful gift and talent you have for making people feel loved.

Read more about their love story and how they reconnected after so many years.

Vow Renewals

How touching it is when a couple decides to reaffirm the bond that has held them together for years. Vow renewals are as unique as the couple involved. The new ceremony can be a duplicate of the original or something entirely new and different that incorporates the family that has grown up around you through the years. You might even be able to create the dream wedding that circumstances did not allow the first time around. Either way, your desire to honor the past as you look forward to the future is the foundation for a very moving ceremony.



Jayme, Amanda and Rev. Lodge

This photo of their wedding kiss says it all.
Their wedding style was simple elegance, evident in every part of their wedding, including their beautiful dresses.


photo credit: Chelsea Tucker of Triangle Photography
Fearrington Village

A Thank You Note from Jayme and Amanda

Thank you so much for being the most fabulous officiant on our wedding day. You helped make it unique, special and beautiful. You wouldn’t believe the number of comments we got on how wonderful you were... although we aren’t surprised! Thank you again!


Rev. Barbara Lodge

email. | .919.942.2808

Ordained 1996


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